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1. Identification:
What type of identification can you produce? (Proof of age is required for certain positions)

2. Employment Eligibility:
Please indicate your current eligibility to work in New Zealand:

3. Current employee:
Are you a current employee of Millennium Hotels & Resorts or have you worked for us in the past? This includes the following brands: Grand Millennium, Millennium, Copthorne, Kingsgate, M Social?

4. Personal Details :
The company has introduced a requirement that a vaccine pass applies to anyone entering our premises including our employees. Please indicate your vaccination status.

5. Personal Details:
Have you been convicted of any criminal offence or do you have any criminal charges pending or currently before the court? (Applicants do not need to declare any convictions that are over seven years old AND did not result in a custodial sentence AND meets the requirements of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate Act 2004)

6. Personal Details:
If you answered 'Yes' please give details. If you answered 'No' please type NA

7. Work Availability:
What days of the week are you available to work?

8. Work Availability:
Are you able to work rotating shifts?

9. Remuneration expectations:
What is your expected hourly rate?

10. Wellbeing:
Have you worked in a Managed Isolation or Quarantine Facility now or in the past?

11. Wellbeing:
If you answered 'Yes' to having worked in a Managed Isolation or Quarantine Facility please state the name of the facility/facilities and the exact dates you worked there. If you answered no, type NA

12. Wellbeing:
Do you require any special services or facilities in order to perform the duties of this position satisfactorily? If yes, state why. If no, type 'No'

13. Referees:
Please list at least two referees, where possible we require referees to be people who have managed you in a job. Please list Referee Name, Job Title, Company, Address, Email and Phone number.

14. Referees:
May we contact the referees you have listed above?

15. Declaration:
I declare that the information contained herein is complete and true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I consent to Hospitality Services Limited (HSL) collecting, handling/processing, retaining and using the personal information about me contained in this form as well as personal information sourced from other external sources (such as the New Zealand Government and associated agencies, referees and other reliable persons or materials including persons or organisations for whom I have worked for previously) for the purposes of assessment my qualifications, work history and suitability for employment with HSL.

16. Declaration:
I am aware that in the event that the information requested by the Company is not supplied by either me or other persons or bodies, or is otherwise unsatisfactory to the Company, then my employment with the Company may not be considered. I am also aware that if I am employed by the Company and the information is found to be inaccurate or misleading or is not satisfactory, this may result in summary termination of my employment. Furthermore, should any of the circumstances or matters recorded in this Application for Employment change, I will declare that to HSL immediately.

17. Declaration:
I consent to HSL storing and using my personal information, which I understand, will be held on my personal file, if I am appointed to the position, or held for a maximum of 12 months if I am not appointed to any position by HSL. I am aware that I can have access to and seek the correction of my personal information, under the Privacy Act 2020. If appointed, I agree to observe the rules, policies and procedures (and any amendments to same) issued by the Hotel.

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